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For foreigners setting up a business in Hong Kong, we offer services that make it easy for you to register your business and set up a corporate bank account. Start your business with confidence in Hong Kong. We promise to provide cost-effective services.


We are a consulting company that provides a wide range of services for studying in Japan and visa application support for that purpose.


We offer a wide range of real estate investment services in Japan. We have expanded our business to all major cities in Japan, covering all types of real estate, including residential, new construction, luxury condominiums, and commercial real estate.


We provide fast, affordable and flexible English to Japanese and Chinese to Japanese translation and interpretation services.

We offer on-demand, high-quality Japanese translation services at reasonable prices.

For your translation needs, our dedicated team can find flexible, efficient and economical solutions to support projects of any size you manage.


​​WEB business

LP/Banner wording correction

Image Correction​

EC site operation agency

​SNS operation support

Website Creation​Edit

Various office work

Data input​

Document preparation

Photo shoot

Content creation

Buying and selling agent for office equipment, etc.

Representing Japanese CS staff from interviews to hiring

​IT Help Desk

Software research

Defect investigation

​Recovery support

System test​・implementation

​Various repairs

Writing business

Simple lighting

Article check (proofreading/editing)


Secretarial work

Dinner/business trip arrangements

Appointment adjustment

Hotel and restaurant reservations

Research work

Equipment purchase agent​


Personnel and accounting operations

Placement and management of job advertisements

​Applicationperson support/interview coordination

Candidate correspondence

Interview schedule management

Joining/Retirement Procedures

Attendance management

Preparation of documents such as application procedures

Accounting Book​

Purchasing management/inventory management

Receipt/invoice issuance

Payroll calculation and payslip creation


Translation work

Multilingual email writing/translation

in researchTranslate content into multiple languages

​Creating materials such as manuals


Bank / ​Government response

Preparation of documents such as application procedures

Support for making and receiving calls

Corresponding to letters and emails


Pikakuri+ is one of the projects born from our company. We provide housekeeping, house cleaning, disinfection and pest control services for Japanese customers living in Hong Kong.

Thanks to you, the service has been very well received since its launch, and we have received many requests for inquiries. For more information on Pikakuri+ services, please click the logo above to visit the Pikakuri+ website.

If you have any questions or requests for Pikakuri+, you can contact us by registering on LINE from the QR code.


Email response to customer inquiries

Support live chat

Account approval by identity verification (KYC)

Customer list management

Telephone correspondence

System operation/troubleshooting


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